New deviantART Photos

Just wanted to show off some new pictures from my deviantART gallery.







Enjoy, and be sure to check our my deviantART profile!


~ by muntoo on October 11, 2011.

6 Responses to “New deviantART Photos”

  1. dang nice. these are great.

    You know what’s funny? I was helping some one out on their new laptop, and ended up thinking of you because I was installing AdBlockPlus, and one of the top comments about was from you. Sure is a small world!

  2. Lovely photographs

  3. I like Warm Bars IV, however I don’t quite like the lightning in most of the other pictures as they tend to get too dark. Stakes on the Water V have a beautiful contrast between the warm sunset, the blue water and the stakes however the completely dark left side ruins it.

    • Do you think I should crop Stakes on the Water V slightly? In my defense, all of these photos were taken using a video camera (Sony HDR-CX110).

      • Sorry for the delay, I forgot to reply…
        Cropping was a good idea, I just tried it and it worked fairly well. How it should be cropped is a bit tricky though, I couldn’t quite get something I was completely satisfied with. The results I liked the best ended up containing only about 30% of the original image, so try to experiment a bit.

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