An Improvement in Photography » Angels of Darkness

Another shot:

A flock of crows (well, more than 10, anyways) had been cawing incessantly outside my window for the past quarter of an hour while I was reading A Clash of Kings, so I decided to check it out. I drew up the blinds, and witnessed them swooping about.

I brought out my point-and-shoot and zoomed a bit into the more interesting part of the sky. I waited for one to come by. Previously, they had been flying around in circles all over the place but they suddenly chose to be still and eerily quiet, as if my presence had silenced their insatiable thirst to annoy the hell out of me. After five minutes of willing them to move, I was about to give up.

A few moved again, but flew away in a direction I did not want them to go. I wondered if the remaining few were simply going to stare me down as my legs cried for movement. My faith in the crows lost again, I was about to give up once more. But miraculously, the few that had left earlier returned cawing madly, and I hastily pressed the shutter button as they came into my camera’s range. I shot once, twice, thrice. I shot five, four, and four crows again.


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