NXT SnakeWorm Game (v1.0)

The SnakeWorm Game

The SnakeWorm Game (v1.0)


Download the program here! [LINK]

I have created a SnakeWorm Game for the NXT. It’s based on that old snake game, but has different mini-games (called “game modes”), so you never get bored! [Well, maybe you’ll get bored if you compare this to Call Of Duty, but otherwise…]
My game has more features, though. It is written in NXC, so it has a much smaller compiled program file size, in proportion to a program written in NXT-G.

Some features include:

  • Highscore
  • Game Mode
    • Relax Mode (Do whatever you want! Change the speed of your snake, and just cruise along capturing as many objects as you can before you get bored.)
    • Collision Mode (Try and catch as many objects as possible without colliding with the walls or yourself! The game gets faster and faster as you catch more objects.)
    • Time Mode (Choose your speed, and race against the clock! Every level the time allowed to complete it gets shorter and shorter until your fingers are a blur!)
    • Level Mode (Select how many levels you want [between 1 and 10]. Each level, you must catch an object. The faster you catch an object, the more points you earn! The game gets faster each level.)
  • Enable/Disable Grid
  • Change look of snake:
    • Rectangular
    • Circular
  • (Coming soon: Smooth Mode)

It is possible that it requires the Enhanced NBC/NXC firmware. That is available here. [LINK]

Here’s a video of the game in action:

Now stop reading, and download the program here! [LINK]


~ by muntoo on November 29, 2010.

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